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TEFLON® Fiber Properties

A summary of the stress-strain and gross properties for unbleached TEFLON® PTFE Fiber is shown in the table below.

Typical Properties for Natural TEFLON® PTFE fluoropolymer fiber

Yarn denier: filaments (dtex: filaments)

400-60 (440-60)

Stress-Strain Properties**


Straight Test


Tensile strength, psi (MPa)

52,500 (362)

Breaking strength, Ibs (N)

1.7 (7.6)

Breaking tenacity, g/den. (cN/tex)

2.0 (19.6)

Elongation at break, %


Initial modulus, g/den. (cN/tex)

13.0 (127.4)

Loop test


Tensile strength, psi (MPa)

31,000 (214)

Breaking strength, lbs (N)

1.8 (8.0)

Elongation at break, %


Thermal Properties


Shrinkage alter 30 minutes, % in water at 212°F (100°C)


  in air at 350°F (177C)


Specific heat, cal/g•oC (J/kg•K)

0.25 (1.046)

Thermal conductivity, BTU/h•ft2•oF for 1" of thickness


(W/m2•K for 1cm of thickness)  

1.7 (245)

Zero strength temperature***, oF (°C)

590 (310)

Gel temperature, F (°C)

621 (327)

Sublimation rate, % weight loss/hourat 554°F (290oC)


  at 806°F (430oC)


General Properties


Specific gravity


Moisture regain, %


**Stress-strain properties were determined on an "Instron" tensile tester at 70°F (21°C), 65% R.H.
*** Temperature at which the yarn breaks under a load of 0.1 g/den. (0.98 cN/tex)
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