Teflon™ PTFE Continuous Multifilaments

Continuously Inventive

TFA’s Teflon™ PTFE continuous multifilaments are a workhorse of design and innovation. They can easily be processed using standard textile processes into unique fabrics that meet many demanding needs. TFA’s innovation starts with continuous filaments.

Unique Properties Allow Wide Applications

In their various deniers, Teflon™ PTFE continuous multi filaments provide non-stick low-wear and low-friction properties in many circumstances, which is why they are widely adopted for heavy equipment, aircraft, automobiles, windmills and other industrial equipment. Their excellent chemical resistance also makes them indispensable for many types of filtration in the chemical industry.

Product Benefits

  • Teflon™ branded PTFE matrix-spun fibers for optimum performance
  • Multifilament yarns with a highly even circular fiber diameter
  • Easily used for woven, knitted and winding as diverse processes


  • Available in a range of deniers from 100 to 2,500
  • Multifilament yarns composed with 30 to 360 filaments
  • Flat yarns with twists up to 6 turns/inch (236 turns/meter)

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Typical Applications

Teflon™ PTFE continuous multi filaments can be applied to almost any kind of bearing, bushing or machine part that requires low-friction/low-wear operation attached with many different materials, such as epoxy resin, rubber or even metal.

  • Bushings and window stabilizers for automobiles
  • Bearings for heavy construction equipment
  • Wide-ranging unique bearings including pad bearings for windmills
  • Gas and liquid filters for equipment such as coalescers and demisters
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